Month: February 2017

Transient Competitive Advantages in the digital age

The pursuit of  a sustained competitive advantage by organisations has long been on the agenda but with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (FIR) along with the digital technology and business disruptions, there is a dire need to employ agility and reap  many transient advantages. Digital technology has allowed many markets to be penetrated and […]

Building a team for modern day strategy formulation

    With today’s growing interest in digital business, what sort of a team can achieve the modern business strategic objectives? The business needs a team that can formulate a strategy that merges the IT and business strategies into one. This business strategy  is formulated to achieve the organisations core business goals driven by carefully chosen strategic digital […]

The Digitization of Business Cards

Feature on HS Cards   We all carry around and exchange physical business cards of all shapes and designs. Now what if you combine the physical with the digital?  You get, digitally interactive business cards.  A colleague of mine, Tanmay Ratnaparkhi as founder of Hand Shake Global Technologies has leveraged the revolutionary benefits of a […]

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