Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the Executive Team at The Institute for Digital Business Strategy


Dr. Albert T. Mubako, MBA, DMgt


Albert is our founding member and works closely with all members of our team to keep us on track with our mission. He’s qualified to Doctorate degree level in the area of  advanced management , strategy and e-business from SMC University (Zug, Switzerland). He is an author and developer of the digital business strategy (DBS)  framework model which facilitates a strategically channeled digital approach to business challenges. An academic thinker with business acumen, connecting the dots, and bringing it all together for clarity and action.

Albert is also an independent systems consultant, and business strategist involved in digital value ecosystems with a focus on Africa. He has implemented and supported SAP solutions in the FMCGs, Public Sector, Manufacturing and Retail industries. Has a proven track record of being involved from the concept and design prototyping, testing to implementation. Researching industry on how  strategic digital technology can be used to  improve the way businesses operate and interacts with its customers.

If you would like to contact Albert directly, e-mail him at

Dr. Jeffrey S. Ray, PMP, CSEP, P.E., Esquire


Dr. Ray is the Co- Director and he is an  IDBS Executive Board member, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge on system architecture, strategy and knowledge management in the digital era.  His professional bio is outstanding ;

Dr. Ray is currently also the CTO at Blue Glacier Management Group and has 35 years of project management, organizational management, and senior systems engineering experience that includes broad-based problem solving related to the structured acquisition of information technology systems.  He managed airborne ISR, cybersecurity, and vehicle integration projects, and set up and managed a Software Integration and Test Lab (SITL) for 12 years. He is a practiced and effective speaker with excellent verbal and writing skills.

Dr. Ray is also a Professor and Member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and teaches graduate level Project Management, International Project Management, Systems Engineering, and Organizational Learning courses.

Dr. Ray is also an Adjunct Professor at SMC University (Zug, Switzerland) where he mentors Doctoral candidates through the dissertation process, and teaches online courses in Management, Advanced Political Economy, Law and the State, World and Comparative Politics, Performance Management, International Relations, and Contracts and Negotiations.

If you would like to contact Jeffrey directly, e-mail :

Dr. Paul A. Pavlou, PhD

jr-Paul Pavlou_15.JPG

Paul A. Pavlou is an executive board member and Co-Director at the IDBS. He  is a valuable member of the organizational leadership as one of world’s leading authority and visionary on Digital Business Strategy frameworks.

He currently serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty, Research, Doctoral Programs, and Strategic Initiatives at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. He is also the Milton F. Stauffer Professor of IT & Strategy. He also serves as the Co-Director of the university-wide Data Science Institute at Temple University.

Paul received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. He is ranked #1 in the world in publications in the two top Information Systems journals for 2010-2016. His research has been cited over 28,000 times by Google Scholar, and he is recognized among the “World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters based on an analysis of “Highly Cited” authors in Economics & Business during the 2002-2012 period.

His research appeared in Management Information Systems Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, among others. His research spans several disciplines (information systems, marketing, and management, and decision sciences), and it focuses on data science, business analytics, digital business strategy, and developing research methods.

If you would like to contact Paul directly, e-mail him at


Daniel R. Wicomb, MBA (Phd)


Daniel R. Wicomb is an executive board member of the IDBS team in the capacity of Business Development Director responsible for Strategic Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Daniel is the leading researcher on CRM in South Africa and has extensive experience as a Business Development Executive in South Africa; with a footprint in Africa. His career stretches over many years with a proven track record of being involved from the concept and design of strategy development and implementation, corporate identity, customer services, direct- and digital marketing, information technology, operations, project management, consulting, lecturing, business improvement, business & process re-engineering and transformation, business intelligence & development, business analyst, contact centres, human resources and innovation. He is an experienced speaker with excellent verbal and writing skills.

He currently serves as a Business Development Executive, Researcher, MBA Programs, and Campus Principal at the Regent Business School. Daniel completed his PhD in Marketing Management from the prestigious South African University of KwaZulu-Natal; after completing his Master of Business Administration

Contact Daniel directly,  at


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