The Digitization of Business Cards

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We all carry around and exchange physical business cards of all shapes and designs. Now what if you combine the physical with the digital?  You get, digitally interactive business cards.  A colleague of mine, Tanmay Ratnaparkhi as founder of Hand Shake Global Technologies has leveraged the revolutionary benefits of a digital business strategy. He launched HS Cards a cloud-based mobile application in which a user can create & manage their digital business cards. It has just hit over 50 000 downloads on Google Play and Apple iStore.

They merge the physical and digitally virtual on the application by providing a professional business card designer, thus creating a digital ecosystem that brings together graphic designers with customers who want professional responsive design. With a digital platform changing the traditional ways of sharing business cards. For example, employees of a company can create and use their new cards in seconds and increase the ease of card sharing.

Taking away the hassle of carrying physical business cards

It is difficult to keep carrying physical copies of the business cards all the time for all the meeting, events and exhibition we attend.With digital technology and era of smart phones,  the hassle of carrying physical business cards has been lifted. The HS Cards mobile app stores them for you.

With HS Cards’ “Card Bank” feature users can store their connection’s digital visiting cards in a systematic way. The best part of the card bank is it doesn’t utilize the phone memory for storing the cards; instead all the storage is done on cloud without overburdening the application on the phone memory. Definitely an improvement of  vCards,  which are can be used to represent email or mobile contacts in text.

Exchanging cards made easy 

This app provides a facility to send the digital visiting card to anyone, anywhere in the world free of cost just by entering the mobile number of the recipient.  Or if the recipient is also has the HS Card app then you will receive recipient’s digital visiting card in your app inbox. “The text message is free of cost and will be delivered via HS Cards server and no carrier charges will have applied to the sender, ” HS Cards.


Solutions for all sizes

HS Cards have 3 different categories for digital visiting cards: Casual, Business & Professional.
• Casual Visiting Cards:
These are free digital visiting cards from a Template repository gets refreshed from time to time.
• Business Visiting Cards:
Business digital visiting card is for the corporate and comes with a licensing cost to cover employee use.
• Professional Visiting Cards:
Professional digital visiting cards are for the small business professionals such as lawyers and doctors and offers individual premium templates given in the application with a minimum cost.

There are different applications for creating digital cards , but HS Cards offer other functionalities like third party sharing,  meetings and sending cards via sms messaging. More and more uses for digital are giving rise to sharing economies and hubs.

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The Digitization of Business Cards

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