The Smart Africa Initiative


Institute of Digital Business Strategy (IDBS)- It is a new year- 2020; and the start of a new decade. How will digital transformation continue to change the way we live, learn and work?

The African Union’s (AU) Smart Africa Initiative’s is in full force, with the vision of an integrated and inclusive Digital Society and Economy in Africa that improves the quality of life of Africa’s citizens.

According to the AU, this digital transformation strategy for Africa will build on the existing initiatives and frameworks. The overall objective is to continually promote Africa’s integration, generate inclusive economic growth, stimulate job creation, erase the digital divide and eradicate poverty.

Smart Africa Initiative Specific Objectives

At IDBS as Certified Digital Transformation Executives (CDTE) we empower through our transformation services on digital projects that fall in line with the Smart Africa Initiative objectives- Smart Hives- Conservation using smart technology

  • Build a Digital Single Market in Africa by 2030
  • Digital economy, collaborative economy
  • Build inclusive digital skills and human capacity
  • Deliver a Massive Online Digital Skills for All
  • Design and implement innovative financing models to digitally transform Africa

The AU has stated that the benefits of digital revolution must be used to secure socio-economic development.

You can become a be part of the revolution, with digital skills certifications you can earn and transform your future and society.

Certification advantage

Become a Certified Digital Transformation Executive (CDTE) and Certified Digital Transformation Foundation (CDTF) here and start offering transformation services.




The Smart Africa Initiative
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