Transient Competitive Advantages in the digital age

school of fishThe pursuit of  a sustained competitive advantage by organisations has long been on the agenda but with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (FIR) along with the digital technology and business disruptions, there is a dire need to employ agility and reap  many transient advantages. Digital technology has allowed many markets to be penetrated and shaken due to its plug and play nature and  the agility of new business models.

Our Digital Business Strategy (DBS) model will guide you toward this agility to capture transient competitive advantages. It is clear that the dynamic that the digital economy has brought about is that of versatility for firms that exploit digital opportunities. Firms have to continuously seek new and often more than one competitive advantage, as previous cases of advantage are completely eroded, compelling the company to begin reallocating resources to other initiatives.

“To stay ahead, they need to constantly start new strategic initiatives, building and exploiting many transient competitive advantages at once” (McGrath)

As strategist you will learn the strategic importance of agility and speed to innovate using the value creating and enabling digital capabilities; currently, firms are running digital as projects and need to take the next step in developing digital models as part of your strategy.

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Transient Competitive Advantages in the digital age

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