Your digital skills audit, time to connect

Jobs roles are changing, and it’s not all just about the customer experience there is also the workforce user experience or UX element.  For the organisation , you need to investigate your digital tech posture and knowledge on the current state of your customer experience, just as much as your workforce experience in the digital economy. Yes you may have a mature vision for digital business more than you have the necessary skills.

robot_64Evolving an organisation’s  workforce user experience is driven by the center to edge digital transformation , where legacy systems are replaced by the more digitally enhanced systems. Not only accommodating consumers’ digital interactions with the organisation but also the benefits for the users’ digital interactions on the new digitally enhanced business processes and understanding how to realize new strategic value through them. For the employees benefits include simplification of business processes on enterprise systems, quicker reporting of actual real-time data ‘at your fingertips”. Include mobile analytic applications for role based employee reporting and you drive up profits from informed proactive and reactive decision making.

mobile_48As an  individual,  you need to know what affects your UX and changes to your work environment in the digital economy. Why? because there will be considerable changes to  business processes, departmental structures, incentives,  required skills and behaviors. Ultimately, the workplace will be digitally enhanced affecting every system, process and role within your function. Hence, organisations require professionals with both the business and IT skills to a level of driving business activities.

twitter_48So no time to play on social media, take a strategic digital skills assessment  and understand where you need digital skills in social media, mobility , analytics & cloud (SMAC).

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Your digital skills audit, time to connect

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